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At Click Digital Flyer, we aim to help businesses connect with customers with ease and stay connected. This software helps with the initial connection and the ongoing business relationship with your customers.

1. How it works: You select the package that suits your needs.

2. When you have signed up, we will reach out to you within 48 hours by email or call.

3. We then set up your software for you and ask you to proof check the software package you choose.

4. Your software goes live and ready to use . We aim to complete this process within 3 working days.

The thing that makes our software stand out from the crowd is not only its clever features, but also the fact that we do all the setup for you and provide ongoing support. Through our years of experience and research, we have found that taking this burden away from business owners really helps them. It removes the boring part and gives them more time to do the things they like.

If you would like more information for New Customers please email info@clickdigitalflyer.co.uk or if you are an Existing Customer please email support@clickdigitalflyer.co.uk.

For full details about the packages we offer please see below:

With this package, we are happy to change your contact details or links up to 4 times a year. There is no contact we just ask for 14 days notice upon your next yearly payment if you would like to cancel.

The digital flyer package does not require a long-term commitment; just a 30-day notice to cancel. Additionally, we provide you with a dedicated customer service representative who can assist you with up to 3 changes per month.

Alexandre Vieira

"Just wanted to say thanks to Jamie Parry, this lad is top!

I contacted him last night, he replied today at 6am and started working on my company digital flyer. In one hour my digital flyer was ready to go and I have to say this is the future for any company! Very affordable prices and he will guide your through every single step! No question is to much for this guy! Thanks Jamie can’t wait to order the NFC card and Q.R code for my vehicle!

The prices are unbelievable good!"

John Paul Acklam

"Very happy with my q.r code and the customer service I have been getting is second to none. I now have my Q.R code on my new leaflet about the town and looking forward to my N.F.C card"

Jake Harle

"Really helpful and brilliant customer service! Can't wait for my new card to arrive now and start using it! Thanks again jamie"

Ruby Court
(Owner of The Paw Print Boutique)

"I asked Click Digital to create me one of their business cards to use at events and in my shop. Really impressed with the card as it allows customers to follow our socials instantly and for them to easily access the website. Highly recommend"

Ainslie Dobson

"Amazing company and product to deal with. Very happy with the service I received from Jamie...will definitely recommend."

Economy Van Hire

"We joined Click Digital towards the end of last year, and we are incredibly impressed with the performance of their business cards. Click Digital used our website and integrated their software to help convert our customers. Click Digital makes it easier to hire out vehicles by allowing our potential customers to scan the qr code on the card or tap the card which takes them directly to our booking stage. Furthermore, the card also allows for the option to save our details in the customers phone which creates easy future business with the customer. Many thanks!"

Helen Pounds

"What a fantastic way for people to get instant access to our business pages and information in just one scan, highly recommend!"

Chris Milton
( Owner of KLK Roofing )

"Absolutely love this piece of software and would highly recommend it. It’s so easy to use and I’m absolutely useless with computers. Very impressed with my digital flyer page and nfc card. No more paper cards for me

With just one single click or scan of my barcode my customers can save my details straight into their phone. They can also pay and receive a receipt on completion of payment. Many thanks for your professional service Click Digital!"

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